Empowering Healing Through Cannabis: Inside the This Is Jane Project

by | Mar 8, 2024

Cannabis’s rich, centuries-long history as a versatile healer and pivotal part of the broader ecosystem stands as an apt symbol for the strength and resilience inherent in women.

That’s why CannaContent is thrilled to announce our partnership with This Is Jane Project (TIJP), an organization dedicated to empowering women and non-binary people healing from trauma through cannabis. Join us in recognizing the transformative impact of TIJP  as we celebrate the strength and healing found within the cannabis community and beyond. 


This Is Jane: cannabis and community 

This Is Jane Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving to destigmatize cannabis, build community, and uplift the lives of women and non-binary people who have survived traumatic experiences and are choosing plant medicine to heal. Since its inception in 2019, TIJP has shed light on the experiences of trauma survivors and offered vital resources for women navigating their healing journey with cannabis. 

“The reason I started this in 2019 was to see stories like mine,” This Is Jane Project Executive Director Shannon DeGrooms shared, reflecting on her own experience of turning to cannabis to cope with anxiety and acute post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). “It took me so long to try cannabis that I wanted to figure out how to destigmatize these necessary conversations around trauma and healing with cannabis… because trauma is happening to more than just those who have served in the military.” 

The group started as a photo activism campaign and has since evolved into a comprehensive survivor-centered program. Today, through a blend of virtual and in-person events, This Is Jane Project provides a nurturing environment that supports participants in confronting, managing, and healing their trauma.


Tailored support initiatives

Recognizing the transformative power of cannabis as a holistic healing practice, the group holds Healing Happy Hours on the fourth Wednesday of each month. There, participants have the opportunity to learn from different healing practitioners and modalities. They also host quarterly Healing Arts (HEARTs) events, which are virtual, free, artist-led community classes combining creative mediums like drawing, painting, and coloring with a group-led discussion on a healing topic. 

A cornerstone of This Is Jane Project’s mission is their compassionate care program, Survivors Without Access. This program allows cannabis retailers to donate products to low-income medical patients tax-free. Through the program, which runs in Denver and Los Angeles, TIJP is a cannabis access point for more than 500 patients. 

“Legal cannabis is expensive, so we work to keep it accessible for survivors who are using this plant to confront, manage, and heal from trauma,” said DeGrooms. This Is Jane Project is the only program currently doing this specifically for women and non-binary individuals. 

TIJP also launched MMJane for individuals seeking discounted physician recommendations for medical cards. In partnership with Leaflwell and their telehealth medical certifiers, MMJane provides access to physician’s recommendations for $29. 


Creating safe spaces through inclusivity

While there are people all over the U.S. and around the world struggling with trauma, DeGrooms emphasizes the fact that accessing support and resources can be particularly challenging for those who don’t feel represented or understood. 

“I didn’t see stories of people like myself who used cannabis as medicine and functioned out in the world,” DeGrooms noted. “It’s easier to dive into things when you see stories or hear stories of folks like you who have gotten through it.” 

This is why This is Jane Project places a strong emphasis on providing inclusive and trauma-informed spaces where women and non-binary individuals can feel seen, heard, and supported on their healing journeys. 

Who is Jane?

At the heart of This Is Jane’s mission is a commitment to intersectionality, recognizing and embracing the diverse experiences and identities within its community. “Janes” represent women and non-binary individuals. This Is Jane Project acknowledges the nuanced nature of gender identity and is actively engaged in conversation about how to best support Janes of marginalized genders.

Since the beginning, This Is Jane Project has been a haven for cis and transgender women, as well as non-binary people, and that ethos of intersectionality persists to this day. Reflecting on the organization’s early days, DeGrooms emphasized the priority of staying true to the gender-diverse group of individuals who attended the very first events.  

“It was very important that we stayed true to those first five Janes,” she noted, “even though creating an organization specifically for women could’ve been easier for folks to digest.”


Celebrating Women’s History Month with This Is Jane Project

This is Jane Project embodies a spirit of empowerment and inclusivity, offering a diverse array of initiatives aimed at supporting women and non-binary individuals on their healing journey. The organization is proud to host a special compassionate event on March 23rd, 2024 at LA’s first Black-women-owned dispensary, Gorilla Rx Wellness. The event will bring together survivors from all backgrounds, offering education, kindness, community, and free cannabis. “You’ll see roughly 100 survivors of all backgrounds,” said DeGrooms. “Janes really show up for these events.” 

Through initiatives like this event and partnerships with organizations in cannabis, This Is Jane Project continues to pave the way for empowerment and healing. If you’d like to support TIJP’s Mission, consider donating to their cause or volunteering your time to their events and initiatives. You can also stay connected by following TIJP on Instagram or Facebook to stay updated on upcoming events and opportunities to get involved.

Finally, we invite you to support This Is Jane’ Project’s goals. At CannaContent, we are proud to launch “Flower is Female,” a line of merchandise inspired by the plant’s nurturing and healing properties. Proceeds from every sale will be donated to This Is Jane Project, matched with a minimum financial commitment from our agency. Check it out and join us in uplifting this important cause.