About CannaContent

CannaContent takes the expertise of journalists and big-brand creatives and applies it to the cannabis, CBD and hemp industries, with a focus on content-driven organic growth in an industry heavily restricted and regulated by third parties who don’t take their ad money or content. Our staff is made up of award-winning journalists who have reported extensively on the legal cannabis industry, creatives and SEO professionals who have worked on consumer brands from electronics to tools to beauty, and web developers who have spent their entire careers catering to emerging and evolving businesses like yours.

We don’t just work in the cannabis industry, we believe in it. Our immersion and constant education in the rapidly-growing and constantly-changing world of cannabis, CBD and hemp gives us insight into the strategies that build winning brands. Our job is to deliver those insights to your doorstep.

The emerging legal medicinal and adult-use cannabis industry is enthralling. Projected to grow by billions and used by millions, the number of new cannabis businesses are cropping up by the thousands.

Running your business will take some creative thinking. Not only will you need to look like you belong on Main Street, but the numerous laws restricting what you can say, how you can say it and how you can distribute your message make growth even more challenging in this space. Luckily, we’re pretty creative.

Cannabis marketing for the new cannabis market.

We don’t just work in the cannabis industry. We believe in it.

This incredible plant has been called many things over its long, storied, and sometimes-controversial history: A healer. A game-changer. A troublemaker. We simply call it cannabis, and we want the world to know its name.

It takes a strong website, unforgettable branding, thoughtful content, and fluent SEO, social, and email marketing strategies to spread your message.

Our strategic content creation will establish your business as an authority in the cannabis industry, and can be used for social media, search engine optimization, inbound marketing and more.

Organic search helps build your website’s credibility and authority online, increasing your chances of appearing higher in search results. We create content, manage posting and comments, and conduct back-end analysis for continued growth.

We develop strong brand identities and unique brand voices for emerging and established cannabis businesses who wish to make their mark in this growing sector.
We create the digital material–-including beautiful, mobile-friendly websites to stand out from the competition-–that you need to take your cannabis business from the ground floor to the penthouse suite.