Stella, CEO & Content Strategist

Stella is a greater NYC area-based, award-winning editorial professional with more than a decade of combined experience, starting in journalism and now in digital and print content creation. Her strengths are in brand voice development, web content copy, copy editing for accuracy and content creation such as blogging, case studies and white papers. Her content-first approach to marketing places the writing quality front and center, positioning the strength of the message as the driving force behind any strategy.

A former journalist, Stella took a career detour through the branding and licensing industry, where she was involved in every aspect of the brand development and management process for several internationally-beloved brands and built several private-label brands from the ground-up. It didn’t take long, however, to realize that writing was her only true professional love, and she left the licensing world in 2016 to launch her own successful content marketing agency. CannaContent is her second solo venture, dedicated to servicing the marketing needs of the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Brie, Creative Director

Brie is an NYC-based mover, shaker, and dream-maker with a knack for making awesome stuff. She brings to the team more than 10 years of branding, graphic design and marketing experience, as well as a passion for and understanding of all things cannabis. She has worked on projects for tech giants, fashion accessory startups, app innovators and social change organizations, developing a well-rounded portfolio. In her spare time, she pursues her true dream of acting, performing with an Off-Broadway theatre company and in indie film projects. Fun fact: she can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order.

William, Director of Search Strategy

William is a Philadelphia-based marketing professional who loves all things digital. He began his career at a social media marketing firm and quickly learned the value that the digital space can provide for clients and businesses. He has spearheaded the digital efforts of a number of worldwide campaigns, launched products with a global footprint and managed the digital efforts of Fortune 100 clients. William was born into the digital world and he loves to live, breathe and grow in the digital space. In an ever-changing landscape, it’s best to have someone in the know every day, and William takes pride in being that person.

Adam, Director of Content Development

Adam is an award-winning journalist for NYC-based business publications and a content writer with experience across a diverse set of topics including the legal cannabis industry; politics and government; business and finance; and technology. He brings to the team an in-depth knowledge of the developing North American cannabis industry, as well as all things entrepreneurial. He has won NJPA awards for Police, Crime and Courts Reporting and Environmental Reporting, as well as second runner up for the NJ-SPJ’s Wilson Barto Rookie of the Year award.

Jason, Director of Web Development

Jason is a creator of possibilities, turning a business’s digital dream into a beautifully-designed reality. Jason built his first website as an undergraduate student, igniting a passion which led to opening his web design and development agency in 2003. His business grew from a hobby to a global network of developers, marketing professionals and creatives, servicing businesses across North America, Australia and the UK. When he’s not building websites, Jason enjoys traveling and tackling DIY projects with his wife, going on hikes with his dogs and touring breweries and distilleries with his friends.