During my time as Vice President of Marketing for Ethos Cannabis, CannaContent was an indispensable partner in developing a highly informative and robust library of educational material. Their work was critical in providing well-researched and clearly written articles to our patients and customers that gave them the knowledge they needed to make the best possible choices about how cannabis related to their health and wellness. That content library remains an exceptional resource that can help people make informed decisions about cannabis well into the future.

CannaContent was also a proactive strategic partner that regularly met with the Ethos marketing team to brainstorm and strategize new ways to educate our patients and customers while promoting Ethos’ brand as a reliable, trusted source of information on all things cannabis. They became an essential extension of our team and consistently added value each step of the way with their expert recommendations and insight.

— Mike Bibbey, Former Vice President of Marketing, Ethos Cannabis