Why Is Video So Important For Marketing Cannabis on Social Media?

by | Oct 12, 2023

Video content is the current undisputed star in social media marketing. This medium is reshaping how companies connect with customers and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Nearly every marketer — 99% of marketers, according to Hubspot — reports that they plan to continue using video over the coming year.

How can cannabis businesses take advantage of this powerful medium? Learn what makes video so effective for social media marketing and how you can use it for your cannabis business.

10 reasons to use video on your cannabis company’s social media profiles

Through video, cannabis brands can tell stories, showcase personalities, and convey messages in a way that resonates with customers. While you may need to get creative with how you leverage video for social media — thanks to the numerous guidelines that disallow cannabis content on popular platforms — good cannabis marketers are used to thinking outside the box.

1. Video engages all generations

Video content is the preferred format among all generations, and particularly among the 50% of millennials and Gen Z who claim they “don’t know how they’d get through life” without video in their daily lives. More than half of boomers watch videos, while 75% of Gen Xers engage with video content at least monthly. There’s lots of variety here when it comes to video length, preferred device for watching, and preferred platform, but the essentials are the same: people love watching videos.

By creating and sharing engaging, informative content, videos reach consumers where they are. Videos possess a unique ability to captivate attention and convey emotions, whether the average age of your audience is 25 or 85.

2. Viewers are more likely to share videos

Just over half of social media users are more likely to share videos with their friends over graphics and other types of content. By providing the content viewers want, you increase your chances of reaching new audiences who may not follow you already. 

3. Converts viewers to buyers

A well-crafted video can help nudge potential customers one step closer to buying from or working with your business. Videos help people understand your product or service in a quick and easy to digest manner, with an incredible 96% of consumers saying they watch an explainer video before they buy a product. No wonder 92% of marketers say that video offers a positive return on investment

4. Your brand is more accessible and personable through video  

Videos serve as a dynamic tool in humanizing your brand to your customer base. The ability to command attention and tell a story creates opportunities to build stronger connections with your audience and engage with your audience on a more personal level. Content like behind-the-scenes videos and interviews show the human side of your business — and humans like to connect with other humans.

5. You can make it work on a budget

Not all videos need a boost from professionals with high-grade equipment (don’t get us wrong — many circumstances call for this proper setup). You can create good video content for social media with a modest budget and items you already have on hand. Considering the kind of mileage you can get out of video, you may find that this medium is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools in your arsenal.

Think about it this way. Shoot one video – a video that could be as simple as someone talking to the camera – and it can be edited for use on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, X (fka Twitter), and Pinterest. That’s seven platforms out of a single video! And that’s not including the omnichannel marketing opportunities you can make work for your campaigns. Extending this logic, a single day of filming can yield weeks or months of content that can be edited, remixed, and repurposed in numerous ways. 

6. Videos have a longer shelf-life

Video content is also known to stick around longer than traditional content. For example, TikTok videos can resurface in users’ For You Pages for weeks or months after publication. This ensures that your content will continue to engage and captivate audiences long after it’s first shared. 

7. Video improves exposure and engagement 

If you’ve logged onto social media recently, a video probably came up first on your feed. This is because video content typically performs best with most social media algorithms due to its ability to capture the viewer’s attention for longer periods of time. 

Videos are also more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content. Studies show that video is shared 1,200% more than images and text combined. This is especially true for live videos, which have the highest engagement rate of all content types

Don’t shy away from incorporating live streams into your socials now and then. However, prepare yourself with a clear objective and structured outline to ensure your message comes across successfully. 

8. Provides powerful and valuable data 

Did you know that YouTube’s algorithm for recommendations drives 70% of what people watch on the platform

Incorporating video content into your social media strategy unlocks a treasure trove of valuable geographic and demographic data to analyze. This approach can empower your brand to create more content based on your viewer’s online behaviors. Utilizing these analytics also provides the data you need to test narratives and formats to determine which types of content are being watched in full — and subsequently appeal more to the interests of your followers. 

9. Makes info more digestible 

Whether through animations, demonstrations, or real-life examples, video transforms intricate ideas into accessible, bite-sized portions of knowledge. Studies continuously indicate that social media users gravitate toward concise content, with the majority unlikely to engage with lengthy captions or graphics. Utilizing video content is a great way to condense complex concepts into visually engaging narratives, ultimately facilitating a quicker understanding for the audience. 

10. Allows for more creative freedom

Video content provides an open canvas for new ideas. Unlike static images or written text, videos are a dynamic way to experiment with storytelling techniques, visual effects, music, and more. The use of sound, for example, can help direct an idea and bring traction to your video where you least expect it. With video, your brand will more easily capture the audience’s attention and showcase your unique identity, visions, and values. 

Achieving success with social media video content 

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of video’s role in social media marketing strategy, it’s time to take it to the next level: actually creating good content. For starters, you’ll need a handle on your target demographic, what those in that demo want to see, and the social media platform you’re using. But once those basics are down pat, there are a few specifics to keep in mind when it’s time to start creating.

What are the most effective types of video content?

Each type of video on social media has its own unique role to play in engaging your audience and conveying your message. Some of the most effective types of video content for social media include: 

  • Live videos: Engage your audience in real time with authentic and interactive videos. These can help bridge a stronger, more personal connection between your brand or company and the viewers. 

  • Product reviews: Offer authentic and informative insights into your products with product review videos, whether recorded by your team or influencers in your network. These videos help demonstrate the value and benefits of your products while offering customers the information they need to make an educated purchasing decision. Plus, customers are more motivated to buy something after watching a video about it.

  • Client testimonials: Showcase footage of satisfied customers sharing their positive experience with your products or services. This provides vital social proof that helps build trust among potential clients.

  • Behind-the-scenes footage: Provide a glimpse of the inner workings of your business. This offers transparency and helps to humanize your brand to build deeper connections with your target audience. 

  • User-generated content (UGC): Highlight videos created by your customers. This helps foster a sense of community while building continued trust with your customer base. To boot, leveraging UGC significantly reduces your team’s production time and costs. 

4 tips for successful videos on TikTok and beyond

Crafting compelling videos for social media involves a blend of creativity, strategy, and technical know-how. Consider these four essential tips to ensure your videos stand out: 

1. Understand regulatory requirements: It’s especially important for cannabis brands to familiarize themselves with any laws or regulations governing content in their field. Adhering to these requirements will keep you compliant and build trust with your audience. For example, if a social media platform explicitly says no smoking, don’t post a video that shows you lighting up a joint.

2. Keep it short and sweet: Attention spans on social media are limited, so delivering your message quickly and efficiently is crucial for retaining engagement. Keep videos concise and to the point. The sweet spot for “longer” videos is 2 to 10 minutes, but some platforms don’t allow longer videos as a rule. Plan your content around the time constraints of your chosen platform.

3. Prioritize accessibility: Ensure your videos are inclusive by providing closed captions or subtitles. Platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn do this for you automatically, or you can work with a transcription service or software to take this on for you. On a related note, be sure to use clear visuals and avoid overly complex graphics so audiences of all abilities can clearly understand what you’re doing.

4. Invest in quality: Good lighting, clear audio, and stable shots make all the difference in the world. These items elevate your video into one that looks polished and professional. Trust us, it’s worth the investment.

Elevate your social media video marketing strategy with professional expertise 

Even armed with all this insight, we understand that diving into video marketing can feel like a daunting task when going at it alone. That’s where a professional cannabis digital marketing agency like CannaContent comes in. Our team of experts offers specialized knowledge of the cannabis industry to guide you through the process of formulating an outstanding video market plan. From ideation to execution, we’re here to help you create content that resonates with your target audience and aligns with your brand’s vision and goals. If you’re ready to bring your cannabis brand to the next level, request a quote today.