CannaContent’s Canna-Loves for Valentine’s Day 2020

by | Feb 10, 2020

It’s the season of love! With February comes a deluge of heart-shaped everything (we’ll take a heart-shaped pizza), roses by the dozen, and every shade of pink imaginable. Date nights, spa days, and at-home solo self-care celebrations are well underway.

At CannaContent, we celebrate doing what we do best: with cannabis!

While there is certainly no shortage of caramel-filled chocolates at CannaContent HQ this Valentine’s Day, there’s no real replacing our first true love: the cannabis sativa plant and all its potential. In honor of Valentine’s Day this year, we’re sharing our canna-loves (thank you, Moeima, for coining that term!). Discover some of the cannabis and CBD products we’re crushing on, and maybe you’ll find your match, too.

Moeima’s CBD product picks

CBD Infused 100mg Peach Rings by Pura Vida Vitamins (10mg each) brought my love of CBD and one of my favorite sweets together. I struggle with various body pain connected to carpal tunnel syndrome and fibroids, so these peach rings have been a lifesaver. At $9.95 a bag, I buy a few and bust them out as needed. They’re also perfect for friends and relatives that have yet to try CBD and are curious; peach rings are hardly intimidating. It’s a regular fight not to eat a whole bag!

The 150mg CBD “Poivre” Incense by Black Dahlia was love at first smell. It’s an earthy, warm spicy smell (but gentle not at all overpowering) that is as relaxing as it is unique. Perfect for setting a luxurious mood at pretty any place and time. 

Black Dahlia is a relatively new brand in the CBD market. Due to a collaboration with Yield Design and The Sowden House Foundation, they put a lot of thought into their design and product development for a small line of incenses and candles. Sowden House is a Lloyd Wright (son of architect Frank Lloyd Wright) Los Angeles property, and the collab aims to promote ‘lifestyle and wellness’ – a goal they achieved. My favorite scent, ‘Poivre’ (pepper in French) is a blend of black pepper, cardamom and ginger, sharing the beta-caryophyllene terpene found in some CBD extracts.

Adam’s cannabis and CBD product picks

I really enjoy sativa pre-rolls when I’m traveling through legal adult-use states. One that really knocked it out of the park on a recent trip to California was a hash-infused Citrus Jack pre-roll from Humboldt County Indoor (HCI), which boasts a rousing 37.5% THC content. For $20 ($3 more than most of the other flower pre-rolls available) you get a gram of flower and 0.25 grams of hash. Awesome flavor, real clean and clear high. I wanted to save it for several sessions, but my cousin and I liked it so much we split it in one; we were feeling very nice, but were also very capable of kicking it with my family immediately after, who are not well initiated in the world of cannabis. Big recommendation for anyone who likes pre-rolls and wants flower with an extra kick. 

And of course, I love anything Core Roots CBD! I recently injured my ankle during a rugby match (and then re-injured it several weeks later,) and their CBD balm supported my ankle through two healing processes. It took the edge off the pain I was experiencing. Editor’s Note: Core Roots CBD is a client of CannaContent.

Stella’s cannabis product pick

I spent some time in California after MJBizCon 2019, and one of my primary goals while there was to try Dosist pens. Knowing how much I’m consuming is always a priority for me, as it helps me explore my own tolerance levels and which other external factors, like how I’m feeling or what I’ve eaten that day, may impact how I feel when consuming cannabis. Each Dosist inhalation is a precise amount, so I can carefully track and monitor how much THC and CBD I’m taking. The pen vibrates once the “dose” is complete – no more guesswork. I tried the Relief and Calm pens and absolutely loved both. I would love to see these products on the East Coast!

Jason’s CBD product pick

I have been applying the Chiki Cannabliss Balm to my lower back, knees, and trapezius muscles around my shoulders. This balm blends CBD with arnica, magnesium, camphor, peppermint, and many other essential oils. Incorporating the Chiki Cannabliss Balm into my typical muscle recovery routine has truly brought it to a new dimension! Plus, it smells fantastic.

Brie’s cannabis product pick

I fell in love with FLWR Cannabis when I visited California last year. Naturally, the packaging is what drove me to them: these creative dielines literally blossom into a rolling tray when opened, revealing a beautiful frosted jar. The inspirational messaging on the inside is an amazing touch, too. The pre-rolls were my favorite: not only are the joints covered in an elegant paper, but there’s a mirror on the lid as well. They’ve really thought of everything – I admire it so much! 

I first tried a TribeTokes CBD vape pen at a Proud Mary Networking event and couldn’t get enough of the smooth-hitting cartridge and super-long battery life. The mini vape pen fits in the palm of your hand, perfect for pockets and discrete puffs. Then I got a bottle of their CBD super serum as a gift and oh baby! Not only did it brighten my complexion, it protected my pale skin from free radicals and sun damage. Their full line of CBD vape oils, skincare and wellness products is truly a one-stop-shop for self care.

Celebrating our canna-loves as cannabis marketers

When you choose to work with a cannabis marketing company, look for a team that’s passionate about the plant. Beyond understanding marketing best practices and restrictions in the industry, it’s important that your marketing partners understand trends, innovations, and up-and-coming products to keep you on the cutting edge, too. These are just some of our favorite products at CannaContent, but our growing industry has so many more just waiting to be tried.