Ready for New Jersey’s forthcoming cannabis industry?

by | Mar 27, 2018

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Business opportunities are quite literally cropping up left and right in the cannabis industry. It’s only fitting that New Jersey – the Garden State – is poised to join the fray.

This brand-new industry comes with a lot of questions, and planning ahead is of the utmost importance. What will the cannabis industry look like in New Jersey? What kinds of opportunities are there? How can someone apply for and obtain funding in such a tricky space?

For those who are thinking about entering the cannabis industry or who need to expand their knowledge, there’s three ways to get those important questions answered:

  • Read, read, read. The cannabis industry is constantly changing. Understanding that there will be changes, and rapid ones at that, will help you anticipate bends in the road.
  • Hear from the best. The cannabis industry may be so new to many of us, but there are pioneers who have been leading the industry for decades. Learn from their experience, and you’ll be two steps ahead when legal adult-use cannabis becomes a reality in New Jersey.
  • Network! Building connections in the cannabis space is crucial to success. Membership organizations, state-level organizations and others provide a “safe space” to network in a world where working with a federally-illegal substance may be a tricky prospect.

We keep these three points in mind every time we attend an event. What can we learn from those who came before us? What has changed in the industry? How can we take our knowledge to the next level, and how does that knowledge take our clients to the next level? That’s why we’re particularly excited to attend New Jersey Cannabis Symposium’s second installation on finance and investment on March 29th.

The NJCS’s Finance and Investing event features eight panelists with deep experience working in the cannabis industry, with an opportunity to ask questions of experienced professionals in funding, legal and other spaces. Attendees will learn about raising capital, opportunities to invest, taxation, banking and strategic structuring. The event also offers an opportunity to hear from trailblazers like NORML founder R. Keith Stroup, who’s been advocating for cannabis legalization for decades! We can’t wait to learn from what he has to share.

Best of all, events like NJCS produce countless opportunities for newcomers and interested parties to establish a presence and promote their brands and missions. The entrepreneurs we plan to meet may need an informative, mobile-friendly website, a well-written and beautifully-designed pitch deck, or want to start their organic search strategy early to truly enter the market from a position of strength. We’re excited to hear their needs and share how we can help them look their best, both online and in print. (Read more about what CannaContent offers here.)

Networking sessions bookend the evening’s programming, giving hundreds of attendees the opportunity to connect and discover ways to work together even before the adult-use cannabis legislation makes its way through Trenton.

For veterans and newcomers alike, there’s seldom a better opportunity than entering the melting pot that is an event like the New Jersey Cannabis Symposium. Chances to learn and forge connection are everywhere. This is an opportunity that we certainly won’t be passing up, and we hope to see you there too. Visit the NJCS website to learn more and to register!